Thursday, June 11, 2009

25 House Progressives Can End the Wars


On Monday, we said just 40 House Progressives could end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan (Af/Pak) by opposing the Pentagon's demand for another $95 billion. That's because all 178 Republicans will vote no over $5 billion for the IMF.

Nearly 10,000 of you emailed your Representatives, and 15 House Progressives responded to you by opposing the $95 billion. So now we need just 25 more.

Tell Congress: Healthcare Not Warfare

For a glimpse of the impact of U.S. bombs on the children of Afghanistan, watch this 1 minute video from our friends at BraveNewFilms:

If you have time to call Congress, pick a few from this list:
Report the response you get using the webform.

If you use Twitter, you can "retweet" four quick messages to key Members of Congress:

You can follow my tweets here:
And you can follow our action-only tweets here:

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik

2. Help With Local Event for David Swanson's Book Tour

David Swanson's exciting new book is " Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union " which will be published on September 1. With help from many of you, David has scheduled events all over the country:

There is contact info for a local organizer for each event, and all could use some help. Can you email friends, distribute flyers, place notices in calendars, book interviews to promote an event, or otherwise spread the word? If so, please contact our local organizer. Thanks!

Forward this message to everyone you know!

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