Friday, June 11, 2010

Blackwater up for sale

By Ed Brayton 6/10/10 10:17 AM

If you’ve got a few billion lying around and it’s always been your dream to have your own private army, you’re in luck. Blackwater, now known as Xe, is up for sale. But you might have to put up with a little sniping about things like, oh, extra-judicial killings of innocent people by your drunk and trigger-happy employees, which is what Erik Prince says is motivating him to sell.

NPR reports: Owner and founder Erik Prince, a right wing christian fundamentalist;
said selling the company is a difficult decision, but constant criticism of Xe helped him make up his mind.

“Performance doesn’t matter in Washington, just politics,” Prince said in a further statement.

Yeah, those pesky politicians — always demanding an explanation when your guards open fire on unarmed civilians and kill 17 of them. Or when one of your employees gets drunk and kills the bodyguard of the Iraqi vice president. Or when you allegedly break the law to smuggle automatic weapons in and out of the country — maybe the ones you stole from the U.S. military when you signed for them as Eric Cartman. Or when company insiders blow the whistle and testify under oath that your company uses child prostitutes to keep their men happy when they’re out in the field and that you view yourself as a Christian crusader out to destroy Islam.

The good news is that Prince can now take the billions he earned from fat government contracts and go back on the lecture circuit to bash “big government.”

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