Monday, February 7, 2011

U.S. Behind "Peoples Revolts" in Middle-East?

The first clew as to whether or not the U.S. was involved in the uprisings in Egypt was the alleged failure of U.S. intelligence to "see it coming," particularly since it was planned weeks in advance on the internet through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. There is only one reason I can think of that U.S. intell didnt share the knowledge that revolts were planned is because they were the ones stirring them up covertly and were figuring the less said about them the better;
Either that or they are just really really stoopit, and all of the hard-earned taxpayer monies we are spending on "National Security" is a joke,.....and is just a way to make our corporate sponsors rich(er.)

The second clew was learning that Israel was "mad" at Eqypts current regime, accusing them of failing to keep their promices to better control "Hama's,"...the ruling party in Palistine; check out this Bush era vid;

What better way to remove a leader in a hurry than to cause his people to revolt against him (demanding he step down immediately)so that you could put a new leader in that was more sympathetic to Israel, such as is happening there now, with Omar Suleiman, Egypts former Chief Intelligence Office and long time friend of Israel being appointed as Egypts new VP, an office created just for him by Egypts President Mubarak;

Of course, the people are calling for Mubarak's immediate ouster NOW, but the U.S. is calling for a gradual transition and is asking for patience and advising all to proceed with caution;
Of course "we" need time to hand-pick a new regime that will "work well" with Israel & US and that the common-folk cause will abide...

Not saying,....but anythings possible. Just puttin it out there as food for thought,...maybe "we" were involved..

Someone else thinking about the possibility, presenting also some new evidence;

Background on the organization of the revolt, its people,parties and events;

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