Saturday, June 25, 2011

The REAL Reason We Attacked Gadaffi's & His Regime

In the beginning: Before the Invasion; Although this video dosent talk too much about Gadaffi's plan to switch the arab world to a gold standard, it does give some indication that the US was happy with his regime at this point in time, it was "Israel Friendly" and provided at least some degree of stability among Israels hostile neighbors . It wasent until Gadaffi's tooks steps to further his "Gold Standard Plan" that the USIsraelis became concered and ordered his regime taken out. For some reason they are finding that more difficult to do than thought,...and "secret" negotiations are being conducted as a way to let Gadaffi possibly stay in (power) somehow.....or at least get some kind of protection from US,...a new place to live and/or identity, a job with our CIA and/or one, both or all three. Thats just the way "we" roll.

Listen carefully as Dr. Franklin Lamb, director of Americans Concerned for Mid-East Peace" tells us a little bit about our history of western expansion and Imperialistic ways and how we came to have 800 bases in over 130 countries . This interview with Dr. Lamb was just prior to the US and UKs decision to invade Lybia for the (alleged) human rights violations that the regime was accused to have been and/or continue to conduct against its citizen rebels.... (stirred up, no doubt, by "foreign interveiner freedom fighters from the west." In other words,...CIA, FBI, Secret Service,...covertly.) As you will see after viewing the string of videos I have compiled for you here,...Gadaffi and his "Gold for Oil" plan DID NOT sit well with US or Israel, and was the string that broke his camels back

Gadaffi's "Gold for Oil""Plan would upsurpt USD;

Arab Uprisings a False-Flag Op from the startt:

Lybian Gold a Globalist game;

Something else we are doing horribly wrong in Lybia - as we did in Iraq & Afganistan. Using depleted uranium missles (outlawed by most other "civilized" nations & condemmed by the UN;)

DU missles target civilian village;

A UK civilian citizen is deeplyt affected by our (UK & US) use of DU weapons,..reflects my own feelings here;

Something else we are doing terribly wrong in Lybia,...IGNORING REFUGES CALLS FOR HELP: 600 Lybians drown at sea;;

Israel called the shots here, in deciding to attack Lybia, doubt about it in anybodies mind. They ALWAYS have the last say regarding our (I mean their) foreign policies of which we "lovingly" embrace; Senate gives unwavering support to Israel;

The Power of the Israeli Lobby: What they want the get;

The House is "A-ok" with NATO assault on Lybia - on Friday the House rejected a measure to cut funding for offensive operations by U.S. forces in Libya, pulling back from an effort to confront President Obama over the three month-old conflict. The resolution failed by a vote of 180 to 238.

So much for "The House" NOT being down with the plan...

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