Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Iran expects EU to rectify mistakes

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, July 6, IRNA -- Iran expects the European Union to rectify its mistakes consistent with national nuclear program, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili said on Tuesday.

He said in his letter to EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, that the European states are expected to abandon double-standard policies and correct mistakes.

Jalili sent the letter in response to a request made earlier by Ashton to resume talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Jalili said that Iranians have lost confidence in the EU policymaking.

"You need to win confidence of Iranian people more than ever."

"It is very interesting that despite of efforts made by Brazilian and Turkish foreign ministers for resumption of talks, you have been reluctant in the past three months, but, immediately after passing the resolution 1229 at the Security Council against Iran, you have voiced readiness to resume talks," Jalili said.

"Following your request for resumption of talks, the US government along with the European Union imposed a new series of sanctions which is in contradiction with your approach in the context of 'pressure and dialogue' which is totally out of question."

The international community regards dialogue under pressure as ‘dictatorship’, he said adding that resumption of dialogue for escalation of pressures or enmity with a nation is doomed to failure.

Jalili advised the EU foreign policy chief to avoid pursuing dual approach and do something to correct mistakes of the past by opting for true and rational culture of dialogue.

He criticized the European leaders for failure to focus on interaction and cooperation instead of confrontation.

"This time the European leaders are expected to make up their mind whether or not they prefer interaction with Iran or confrontation. The double track or the so-called 'dialogue and pressure' proved not helpful."

Recalling background of Iran-EU dialogue, Jalali said that the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2008, offered a package for negotiations on international concern about proliferation of nuclear weapons and during Geneva talks on June, 21, 2008 and September 24, 2009, the Islamic Republic of Iran explicitly declared that it is ready to hold talk on the package.

"The issue was raised in press conferences and in negotiations with former EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana. Therefore, adopting any different approach would be reactionary and non-constructive method which will be ruled out by Iranian nation.

"It is necessary to remind that this has already mentioned in the package offered by Iran that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to resume talks on expansion of mutual cooperation, Disarmament of nuclear weapons, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as well as studying the chance for collective cooperation of all members for peaceful nuclear energy.

"There is no doubt that to attain the goal all the negotiating sides should be remained committed to Non-Proliferation Treaty and express their concern about the illegal nuclear activities of the Zionist regime.

"The move could help materialize the mottos of Tehran Conference on 'Nuclear Weapons for None and Nuclear Energy for All' which got approval of representatives of all participating states. Active presence of those pursuing the same policy will be very constructive for resumption of talks."

“We are now witnessing that many countries have welcomed such initiatives and cooperation,” he said.

"Tehran Conference on Revision of Non-Proliferation Treaty and Disarmament in which some 189 countries actively took part, proved that many countries abide by NPT and Disarmament and call for the Zionist regime to sign up to NPT.

“If prospects of such dialogue are crystal clear, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to employ all its political, economic, regional and international capabilities and facilities to help promote constructive international cooperation consistent with NPT and Disarmament.

"Based on the aforesaid points as declared by Iranian president, you are required to answer the following questions prior to resumption of talks with Iran:

"1.The aim of talks will be expansion of mutual understanding and cooperation or continued hostility with Iran and opposition to the legitimate rights of Iranian nation.

"2. Will you remain committed to the logic of dialogue which requires to avoid exerting any pressures?

"3. Please explicitly define your principles in dialogue on Israeli stockpiling of nuclear weapons.

"Your reply to the above-mentioned questions could prepare grounds for resumption of talks and removal of common concerns of international community about proliferation of nuclear weapons in presence of representatives of other nations sharing the common concerns," Jalili said.


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