Saturday, July 17, 2010

Georgia on My Mind

The Georgia - Russia Conflict - Whats it all about?

Note the US Role in all of this; When Mikheil Saakashvili was elected President of Georgia in 2003, he made his goals clear to return (the two breakaway) regions of Georgia under central control. He chose NATO, especially the U.S. as his key allies in foreign policy, in exchange he received financial and material support from western countries. U.S. advisers started to train Georgian forces to make them professional in unequal style fighting against militants under the aegis of "War on Terrorism". Georgia became the third largest participant of U.S. coalition in terms of numbers after U.S. and U.K.. Georgia received free weapons from U.S., Israel, Germany, and Baltic states. The country's military budget, replenished with U.S. aid, increased steadily since Saakashvili's entering to office. In this situation, tensions between Georgia and its breakaway republics were on the rise. In

A Prophetic POV;

Blaming Russia;

First Hand Witnesses Names (US Backed) Georgia (Police / Troops) as the Agressors in this attack;

US Russian relations;

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